Yard Act

Indie /
United Kingdom

Yard Act have been working on new song material non-stop while waiting for the lockdown to end and for an opportunity to finally play some shows again. The fact that their debut EP this year is titled "Dark Days" is therefore of little surprise to anyone. Fittingly, the four-piece serves up deadpan style storytelling with catchy guitar riffs and merciless grooves which make their mix of post and dance-punk incredibly engaging. Their ability to lyrically combine social critique with humor and to convey political standpoints with stylistic confidence has already turned into a trademark of the band – their artistic exploration of social realities is a concept that simply works from top to bottom. In fact, Yard Act avoid all the blunders associated with the sometimes sarcastic revival of post-punk and impressively demonstrate that this new surge of weird young rock bands from England is far from over.

FRI, 24.09.2021 / 10:15 - 11:00 PM