Pop, R'n'B, Soul /

The project WOMAN from Cologne presents club tunes with a soft pop melancholia. Behind the project hide three young men that previously played the Cologne clubs intensively, one of the most respected German electronica scenes. Their electro sound is funky and minimalistic at the same time, recorded at a bijoux lo-fi level. These sounds connect with warm soul vocals and directly meet your dancing feet.

Their current EP "Fever" features the eponymous title song, reminding of a danced away night. In "Don’t Go" they serve pure dance euphoria, ready with a touch of soul, subtle techno rhythms and some bold retro guitar work. Easily recognizable is Zebo Adam's contribution, ex-Russkaja member who has already refined Bilderbuch's sound. Music for long sultry nights of stylish sexiness that can lead you to places you never imagined existed.