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This isn’t actually a band, but a Norwegian solo artist who graces dark canvasses between alternative and indie rock with fluorescent shoegaze sketches. Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser has a vision and is clearly not afraid to use it when producing her own music. With her 2018 debut album Soft Drop, the singer-songwriter set such a high standard for melancholy, dreamy guitar sounds that many wondered how she’d ever top something like that.

But last year’s I Entered the Void delivered an impressive and clear answer: This is music for the hardest moments in life, for times that seem hopeless but aren’t. And in that huge, empty void we call the night sky, the unique and deeply intimate timbre of Tuvaband rises above mundane problems, leading listeners to a place they never thought they could reach.


FRI, 18.09.2020 / 5:15 PM