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Tiwayo's music sounds as if it comes from a different point in time. His fine mix of blues, gospel, soul, rock and reggae catapults you right back to the 1960s and 1970s. His rousing, absolutely touching voice has been welded in the turmoil of life.

The Frenchman Tiwayo hails from the lively Parisian music scene and has already opened for big names like Cody Chesnutt or Patrice, Sting or Norah Jones. At some point in his career in 201, he knocked on the door of producer Mark Neill, himself a Grammy winner, and was promptly invited to collaborate. His songs “Wild” or “Love Me Like You Say” speak of worldly wisdom, of the South, marshy waters, the somewhat faded charm of Memphis with references to experiences from traveling to Haiti mixed in. 

Tiwayo's new album is highly anticipated, as are his live performances, where he jams it out with his five-piece band.


Thu, 20.09.2018 / 09:40 PM


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  • Booking: US, ASIA, South America

  • Publishing: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK