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Océane Colom is a new breed of selfmade artist. The singer-songwriter from Avignon, France, has been playing music as Suzane since 2017, increasingly making an international name for herself since last year with songs such as “SLT” and “Il est où le SAV?”. Usually composed on a mini keyboard, her songs tackle subjects such as gender pluralism, sexualized violence, but also the ecological crisis and the ubiquity of social media.

Musically speaking, there are just as many facets: Suzane playfully combines the charm of French chansons with infectious dance beats and electro synths, visualized in fresh, creative videos in which she dances in a blue-and-white outfit inspired by Bruce Lee movies, Elvis Presley and the colors of the Louis XIV style. 


FRI, 18.09.2020 / 8:00 PM