Electronic/Live, Punk /
United Kingdom

Dance as redemption – this has always been a premise that has proven irrefutable. Sharpening one's own profile with live gigs before the first release therefore probably makes sense, especially if the band's sound has enough groove for this inverting of classic DIY promo. With PVA, this was already a sure thing, as they’d just hit the ground running as a bastard child of band and DJ with their first EP “Toner”. Tracks like “Talks”, which oozes both Duran and Talking Heads, or the erotic no-wave stomper “Sleek Form” sound as if the trio of Josh Baxter, Ella Harris, and Louis Satchell drew their direct inspiration from the rave culture of the 90s. Well, you know what, they did. What comes together here on the prestigious Speedy Wunderground label (Squid, black midi, Black Country, New Road) is dance-punk at its best. Slickly produced, but still unbridled and infused with a youthful energy that finally wants to tear itself away from yesterday.

THU, 23.09.2021 / 8:30 - 9:15 PM