Paris Paloma

Indie /
United Kingdom

It is the outcry of emancipation that fills the music of Paris Paloma with fire and fervour. Where would women be today without centuries of oppression and exploitation? What social structures still remain unchanged? In her song “Labour”, Paloma mercilessly deals with this complex of themes and comes to the conclusion that the patriarchy still operates according to obsolete principles built on absurd power hierarchies. The gender pay gap, mental burden, and misogynous discrimination are still structural. The fact that it took less than three months for Paris Paloma to record streaming figures in the double-digit millions with this message should hardly come as a surprise and is more than justified. Folk pop meets angry lyricism, a baroque aesthetic meets epic instrumentation, and the powerful voice of the 22-year-old singer meets the echo of women from all over the world. If emancipatory movements in the 21st century still need anthems for the struggle, Paris Paloma has them.