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Pabst stands for rock music adopting a harder line. Even though the German trio is hailing from Berlin, they manage to sound very British with their English-only vocals combined with psychedelic elements and imaginative allusions to the sixties. This can currently be admired on their EP “Skinwalker” (Crazysane Records). Songs like the elegiac “Members only” blur genre boundaries, “Ocean Cruise” sounds like a welcome pretense enabling all three musicians to let off steam on their respective instruments  – drums, bass guitar, and guitar.

In any case, the concept is a success. Pabst's varied song language based on the guitars sounds temptingly retro but also very modern. In “Watching People Die”, the band does not shy away from expressing their political attitude. Quite suitable, the trio sports a Far Eastern b-movie look on their record cover. In spring 2018, their debut album is expected to be released.