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In their exploration of the personal, songwriters constantly find inspiration for songs and lyrics that succeed in combining the quotidian with the magical. Maria Burger has already mastered this art on her debut EP “Honeymoon Phase” at a level that would normally take years and years of experience. It might also be because she was born into a musical family and was exposed to Irish traditional music through her mother and to rock, metal and hip-hop through her brothers from an early age - her eldest brother Oskar’s name providing inspiration for her project. As Oska, the Austrian artist pens melancholy pop songs about getting to know someone and being abandoned, the never-ending riptides of life that we all skim over as the years go by. Sometimes we lose ourselves in those we love, then again in ourselves. Both can be beautiful - or turn into a nightmare. It is this ambivalence that also characterizes songs like “Distant Universe” or “Lousy T-Shirt”, in which Oska finds an elegant middle ground between pop, folk, and soul.

THU, 23.09.2021 / 6:45 - 7:30 PM