Matt Maltese

Singer-Songwriter /
United Kingdom

An odd thought but imagine what would be the result of a romance between Donald Trump and Theresa May. Matt Maltese has indulged in this mind game and - what else? - written a love song about it. “I wanted to take an everyday thing like spending an evening watching TV with a lover and exaggerate it. It's a love song based on Theresa May and Donald Trump having one last night of romance together while they trigger atomic warfare.“ “As the World caves in” is this horror vision which Maltese hopes to appear “romantic and sexy, sinister and dumb” all at the same time. And yes, he achieves this aim as the string arrangements give the song a melodramatic, even cheesy hue.

Maltese, only 20 years of age, is a singer and has recently moved to Brixton, a part of London. It is here where he writes songs which are influenced by Leonard Cohen’s ballads but also by Jarvis Cocker’s songs. His music is reminiscent of the opulence Mark Almond creates but without the queer context.