Joseph J. Jones

Pop /
United Kingdom

Actually, Joseph J. Jones wanted to pursue a career in boxing and follow in his father’s footsteps, who had been the amateur boxing champion once. But then, music crossed the path of this 20-year-old from Essex (GB). His grandfather, who had been a jazz guitar player at the BBC, has a share in this. 

Jones’ debut EP “Hurricane” established itself slowly at streaming services and radio stations on the British island. We are enthralled by Jones’ deep, raspy Northern soul voice on songs like “Whisper to a Hurricane” or “Stay”. However, his secret is how he uses his voice. In sensitive, melancholic ballads. Joseph J. Jones captivates with this irresistible mix of ‘the tough guy’ on the outside and empathy on the inside. He has just released “Gospel Truth”, which really is an unabashed earworm. This one will push this guy, traded as an insider tip, even more into the spotlight. Not long and Jones can only be admired in large venues.