The Hormones

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Hormones drive us in life, but they can also cause a lot of turbulence. The Hormones, from China, use rock music to induce the cultivated loss of control. Sophisticated pulsating indie pop, hypnotic new wave, and postpunk of a stoic coolness lead to rocking infernos of distorted guitars and feedback that permeate every fibre. The Hormones were founded in 2013 at the Sichuan Conservatory in the metropolis of Chengdu, famous for their panda station and an overall creative and relaxed atmosphere.

An excursion towards fame through the TV show "Bands Of China" shattered the group structure in 2015 and led to the decision to devote even more attention to their own sound. Singer Zhu Mengdie, bassist and songwriter Wang Minghui, drummer Zhou Jian, and guitarist Wang Jiao will release their debut album on September 13th. The lyrics are inspired by everyday urban life and conditions of living in China, as well as by a trip to Tibet. The quartet covers PJ Harvey and bows to icons from Boy Division to Bikini Kill to mix their very own, highly melodic and riotous hormone cocktail.

FRI, 20.09.2019 / 10:45 PM


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Booking: UK, US, Latin America, France, Japan
Label: UK, US, Latin America, France, Germany, Japan
Publishing: World ex. China