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Talking about the band Hope you may hear the term "Neue Deutsche Wucht" (“New German Impact”) popping up in the conversation  – a reference to the 80ies genre “Neue Deutsche Welle” (“New German Wave”). However, Hope has little in common with that era but rather sounds like their very own updated version of DAF, Kraftwerk or Rammstein with solemn singing and etherial rhythms – a feast of elegant ambient, darkwave, and noise.

The Berlin-based four-piece was founded in 2009 and has since re-invented Post-Rock. The songs on their current self-entitled album "Hope" (Haldern Pop Recordings) appear somewhat unwieldy at first glance. But songs like "Kingdom", "Cell" or "Raw" are straightforward: the titles short and precise, the music reduced to the essentials and yet full of hidden emotions. It’s music that gives you chilling goosebumps. No wonder Algiers immediately invited the band to be their opening act.


Fri, 21.09.2018 / 8:00 PM


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