First Hate

Indie /

Copenhagen has a new synthie dream group: First Hate. Not without a reason does the singer Anton Falck Gansted’s voice sound like the young Dave Gahan, known as the singer of Depeche Mode. His associate Joakim Norgaard creates the matching modern synth pop sounds for him.

The young guys‘ new album begins with unusual instruments. "Bullets of Dust" creaks and jingles and evolves into something like a gentle but also socially critical wake-up call. After all, the album is named "A Prayer for the Unemployed" (Escho) and the band has an interest in administering to the ones whom life has wounded. Simultaneously, they come off with catchy pop songs. In this, they develop a subtle eclecticism which is shaped by classic dark wave as well as 1980s electro pop and current dance influences. This mix is highly original and it should not be long until worldwide echo follows.