Fenne Lily

Folk /
United Kingdom

Sometimes, only music which leads you to your inner self helps against the noisy outside world. Music as it is made by Fenne Lily. A talented empathetic folk singer from Bristol who can enchant whole concert halls with only her voice and her guitar. She's a magician and poet on strings and vocals, with her current song "What’s Good" which reflects on the values of the world being testimony to this. "Tell me why good things die", she sings in a soul-stirring way.

Fenne Lily has already performed in churches which is, indeed, an incredibly suitable place for her music. Her performances are small sacred masses of pure joy. According to her own statements, she has written her first songs because she found the television programme too boring and dull. There it intrudes again, the noisy outside world. In any way, Fenne Lily’s folky and honest, but in no way merely contemplative sounds help shield against it. This exceptional musician should not be missed.