Feng Suave

Indie, R’n’B/Soul /

Feng Suave create effortlessly-smooth music. The duo from Amsterdam produces an ultra-soft and extremely imaginative dreamy, psych-pop sound that immediately makes the world feel as soft as cotton wool. A reverberating guitar, decelerated percussion, warmly shimmering keyboards, and tender soul vocals pull at the heart in slow motion. Influential sounds of the 60s and 70s, finely arranged, gently breeze into today.

In the video to their current single "Venus Flytrap”, Daniel De Jong and Daniel Schoemaker seem like characters that director Wes Anderson would cast for a time travel movie. After meeting and hearing each other’s music, they two decided that they would definitely sound better together, and began with DIY bedroom recordings in 2016. A good decision: the clip to their song "Sink Into The Floor”, which can also be found on the self-titled debut EP from 2017, has more than 14 million views alone. Feng means “wind” in Chinese, and Suave in Portuguese means “mild, soft, light”. A gentle wind. How fitting!

FRI, 20.09.2019 / 8:00 PM


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