Fast Romantics

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Actually, the name Fast Romantics is a contradiction in itself because, as it is known, romance comes with leisure, emotions and time to develop. The eponymous band from the Canadian music metropolis Toronto pays homage to emotions, empathy, and enthusiasm in a cordial version of indie rock with bits of softly shimmering pop sound. The sextet's polyphony is also typical of other great Canadian music families like Broken Social Scene.


As Matthew Angus woos a ''Runaway Love'', yearns for ''Julia'' a few songs later and sings about ''Alberta'' in the next, love can almost be considered as the theme of the new album ''American Love'' (Light Organ/Postwar). And just like in life, love is sometimes a lucky charm and sometimes it brings despair. Consequently, Fast Romantics sing ''How long is this gonna last?''. The band was awarded the ''Socan Songwriting Prize'' for ''Julia''.