Faces on TV

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The Belgian multi-instrumentalist Jasper Maekelberg is the mastermind behind Faces on TV, a combo well-versed in addictive, psychedelic pop. It is the youngest project of the 26-year-old, who has already worked with the likes of Sam Sparro, Gabriel Rios or Jev Neve.

The music delicately balances on the thin line between the technical finesse of Radiohead and the barren gloom of Portishead. His album “Night Funeral” (Unday Records) promises a lot and keeps even more. There are fiery exotic rhythms in “Suspicious” or scuffling trip hop beauty in “Dancing After All”. Each song is a new adventure with well-placed eclectic elements. Maekelberg's major topics are great feelings and tangled relationships, alienation and loss. And a song like “The Image of Boy Wonder” infatuates with choirs that even  Alt-J could not arrange more beautifully. Very idiosyncratic, very worth listening to.


Thu, 20.09.2018 / 7:40 PM


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  • Booking: the world, except Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands

  • Label: the world, except Belgium and The Netherlands