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DRAHLA's music is like a grainy black-and-white photo: every time you look at it, you discover new details and shadows. The trio from Leeds, now based in London, has created a sound between indie rock, wave, and postpunk that explores repetitive patterns and brittle vocals full of tension. A play on monotony, rich in contrast and full of relish, reminiscent of Sonic Youth, yet by no means stuck in that tradition, but rather fueled by the artistry and the joy of experimentation. Singer and guitarist Luciel Brown, bassist Rob Riggs, and drummer Mike Ainsley came together as Drahla at the end of 2015.

They quickly gained a reputation as a passionate live band, flanked by several single releases and their debut EP "Third Article". May 2019 saw the release of their debut album, on which saxophonist Chris Duffin adds jazz-induced accents - and which was jubilantly reviewed by Pitchfork, the Guardian, and the NME. The title: "Useless Coordinates". What provides a sense of orientation? Nothing. That's confusing and sublime. In wonderfully intricate slogans, Luciel Brown negotiates our existence flooded with stimuli, as well as gender identities and criticism of capitalism. Her singing is cuttingly cool, while the instruments create a melodiously controlled chaos. In the best sense, stirring.


Thu. 19.09.2019 / 7:40 PM


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