Conner Youngblood

Indie /

Conner Youngblood is only 24 years old but the man from Dallas, currently based in Nashville, masters between 30 and 40 instruments. An impressive one-man show. Apart from the classics like guitar, drums, and bass he also plays the banjo, clarinet and even the harp, as captured on his current EP "The Generation of Lift". Youngblood's music shifts between folk and indie, but also incorporates parts of celtic music and even pop.

The result is very complex but simple and atmospheric at the same time. He has even covered an almost unrecognizable "Sifting" by Nirvana, ethereal and beautiful, subtly arranged, very sensitively sung and sometimes drifting into choir-like spheres. His vocals remind of Coldplay in their prime. Youngblood writes music to dream and fly away to. It's a pleasure to explore the meaning of things with him.