Pop, R'n'B, Soul /
United Kingdom

You immediately feel a sense of connection when hearing Celeste sing; it’s her warmth and truthfulness. The young pop artist creates soul music that sounds very organic and somehow seems to be intuitively in contact with everything: body and soul; love and grief; world and universe. Her cool crackling songs echo memories, while at the same time hinting at future notions. Pop legend Elton John has recommended keeping an eye on this pop artist from Brighton. Musician Lily Allen is also a big fan, which is why she released Celeste's debut EP "The Milk & The Honey" on her label Bank Holiday in 2017.

Celeste walks elegantly through the realms of smooth jazz and sensual R&B. In "Lately", the title track of her EP released in March 2019, the singer reflects on a weakened relationship with a sense of melancholy, but at the same time with enormous self-confidence. Celeste trained her raw, velvety voice singing in church and during jam sessions with friends - and by listening to the greats: Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, but also Solange, Frank Ocean and Kanye West. A master class that you can hear.

Thu, 19.09.2019 / 11:15 PM


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