Blanco White

Singer-Songwriter, Folk /
United Kingdom

José Maria Blanco White was a Spanish-Irish author and theologian, who was born in Sevilla in 1775 and died in Liverpool in 1841. The singer and guitarist Josh Edwards as well moves between these two poles, Andalusia and Great Britain, so he called his solo project Blanco White.

Edwards went to Cadiz to improve his guitar skills and later gathered further musical experiences in Bolivia. Now back in Europe, he has combined those different influences and released highly emotional folk songs on his first EPs. “The Wind Rose” (Yucatan Records) was the title of his first record, his current EP is called “Colder Heavens”. His singing at times recalls his compatriot David Gray, who had a big hit with “Sail Away”. So far,  Blanco White' s extraordinary and exotic songs were already streamed more than 25 million times; and will surely continue to gather attention -  it’s been a while since there was a British singer with such a multilayered voice and such emotional songs.


Wed, 19.09.2018 / 10:45 PM


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  • Booking: Scandinavia, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Australia, South East Asia

  • Label: Australia, Germany

  • Publishing: Worldwide