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Arya Zappa is one comprehensive work of art – musically, visually, poetically. As a singer, her sonorous timbre recalls androgynous memories of Dave Gahan and Grace Jones. As a performer, whether on stage or in videos, she brings all the visceral esthetics of the eighties to our current decade. As an artist, she is inspired by poetry, cinema and mythology as much as by her own dream diaries and reflections on the essence of being human.

She has gone through metamorphoses, gained creativity through introspection, and poured all that into synth-pop songs of an erotic elegance, such as “Wild Heart” or “Falling”. To kick off her debut album Dark Windows, these pieces were incorporated into a surreal short film of the same name that captures the entire Zappa cosmos in vivid color contrasts and expressive choreographies. Art with a message that is impeccably consistent on all levels. In a word: visionary.

FRI, 18.09.2020 / 10:45 PM