Alice Merton

Pop /
Canada, Germany, United Kingdom

Her first single "No Roots“ sounds promising. Alice Merton’s self-penned debut reminds of Alanis Morissette, featuring all that strummed guitar work, snappy rhythm and her own way of phrasing. Just like Morissette, Merton used to live in Canada, but the newcomer has been indeed a real nomad. Even as a child she moved with her parents no less than eleven times. It's about this feeling, to have no real home, what "No Roots“ is talking about. It's Merton's story of an erratic life that has led her to England, France, Canada, and Germany.

With her father being of Irish and her mother of German descent, she was raised speaking English. Only at the age of thirteen, she turned to learn German while visiting her grandmother in Munich. Southern Germany was to become the center of her life for a certain period of time, living in Munich and studying at the famed Popakademie Mannheim. Nowadays, having graduated, Alice Merton lives and works in Berlin and is about to record her first album. If her songs-to-come reach the quality of "No Roots“, nothing can stand in her way.