Update: pandemic-compatible implementation of the ANCHOR/Reeperbahn Festival 2020

Planning a festival in the midst of a pandemic is undoubtedly a challenge like no other. Creating a safe yet enjoyable event is a demanding task for us. So why all the effort? Because it is not only about the ANCHOR/Reeperbahn Festival itself - it is an existential question for artists, music businesses and venues. We want to find out whether and in what form cultural events can be planned and implemented in the coming months. Our visitors are able to actively decide whether they want to take this chance with us. Even more than in previous years, we are dependent on the willingness and cooperation of participants. One thing is certain: The festival experience will be very different from what we usually expect at ANCHOR/Reeperbahn Festival. We would like to give an initial overview of what it actually means to plan a festival suitable for a pandemic.

Details can be found under this link.

Here is our update from 4 August: live and streamed 

And if you have any questions, please check the FAQ.

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