Ichiko Aoba wins ANCHOR 2023

ANCHOR international music award won by Ichiko Aoba

This year’s ANCHOR Jury of songwriter and producer BANKS (USA), producer, singer-songwriter, activist and actress Tayla Parx (USA), singer-songwriter and producer Katie Melua (GBR) and producer Tony Visconti (USA) were in the audiences at Gruenspan on Thursday and Friday for the concerts by the six nominees Berq (DEU), Daisy the Great (USA), Hannes (SWE), Ichiko Aoba (JPN), Paris Paloma (GBR) and waterbaby (SWE).

After lengthy discussions, songwriter Ichiko Aoba was finally named as this year’s winner:

“We, the jury, have chosen a winner who will crossover into several genres. Our winner comes from a long line of historic virtuosos. She also felt the need to compose music for her very specific talents. Our winner transported us to a timeless Japan and created her own universe with her skill and mastery of her art. Her music comforted us, it soothed us, and it brought us to tears. The winner of the 2023 ANCHOR Awards is: Ichiko Aoba!”

The ANCHOR 2023 comes with €20,000 prize money provided by Reeperbahn Festival's production and sponsorship partner PRG from the full service event agency's portfolio of services to cover requirements related to the technical realisation of the winner's live performances and tours.

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