The winner of this year's ANCHOR is: ÄTNA (GER)!

The ANCHOR Jury including Tony Visconti, Melanie C., Markus Kavka, Brody Dalle, Frank Dellé and Darcy Proper attended the five Nominees concerts over two evenings and selected the winner from soul singer Arya Zappa (GER), ÄTNA (GER), Suzane (FRA), Tuvaband (NOR) und Eefje De Visser (NDL).

And the winner is: ÄTNA! 

The Jury stated its decision as follows: 

Melanie C. (ANCHOR 2020 Jury member): “They were unforgettable [...]. They were the second band we saw and when I woke up in the morning they were on my mind.”


ANCHOR 2020 - The Award Show:

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