The year is coming to an end ... and it's time to say thank you: For a wonderful ANCHOR year 2019, to which we would like to take a short look back at this point. 

From the announcement of the ANCHOR Jury with Tony Visconti, Bob Rock, Kate Nash, Peaches, Zan Rowe and Arnim Teutoburg-Weiss at the A2IM Indie Week in New York, to the great Reeperbahn Festival club shows of the ANCHOR Nominees Feng Suave, Moyka, Drahla, The Hormones, and Celeste to the announcement of the winner Alyona Alyona at the big ANCHOR Show at St. Pauli Theater... we can't decide what our favorite moment was!

One thing is certain: 2019 was definitely a record year! Never before have so many applicants registered for the ANCHOR and never before have they been so different. With 73 applicants from a total of 24 countries, the ANCHOR was more diverse and international this year than ever before. This diversity was also reflected in the musical genres of this year's nominees. From soul to dream pop to rap there was something for every musical taste. 

Thanks also to the people behind the scenes, who made everything work, as well as our wonderful moderators Hadnet Tesfai and Steven Gätjen.

If you want to reminisce with us, you should have a look at ANCHOR - The Documentary

We can hardly wait for the new ANCHOR year 2020!

Foto @Fynn Freund

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