The ANCHOR 2019 Jury Announcement

As part of the Reeperbahn Festival New York Edition, which takes place during the A2IM Indie Week every year, the prominent Jury of the ANCHOR 2019 Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award was presented yesterday evening at the Rockwood Music Hall.

Two legendary producers will join the ANCHOR Jury team. Besides David-Bowie producer and established ANCHOR Judge Tony Visconti, the Canadian Bob Rock, successful producer of artists like Metallica and Cher, will also travel to Hamburg to honor the best emerging talent of the Reeperbahn Festival.  

As a multi-instrumentalist and empowerment-icon from London, the ANCHOR also welcomes power woman Kate Nash to the ranks of the ANCHOR Jury. 

Electroclash-Queen Peaches, who has also made a name for herself outside the music industry as a talented feminist artist, is also part of the jury. 

The Australian radio presenter and music journalist Zan Rowe, who is well known for her work with up and coming artists, will have the longest journey to the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. 

With Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß, singer and guitarist of one of the most successful rock bands in Germany, the Beatsteaks, a worthy representative of the German music world could be recruited for the jury. 

These prestigious international music professionals active in music, promotion, and media will choose the winner of the 4th ANCHOR at the Reeperbahn Festival in September!

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