ANCHOR 2017 goes Reeperbahn Festival Conference

Sync Faster - Sync Different

Musik For New Media Formats

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Games, Websites, Snapchat, clips, Corporate Videos, User Generated Content for Youtube or Facebook, Clips in Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality, Instagram Photos and Influencer Videos with Music Footage - all these are formats in the here and now with a lot of future which are underlined with music.
The short-lived nature of these "new media" does not lift prices, cumbersome legal clarification is inefficient for all sides.
At the Reeperbahn Festival Conference, producers, agencies and sync department of music companies will discuss how they tackle this challenge.

Listen to ANCHOR 2017 Board member Camille Hackney contribute to the discussion. 


  • Fabio Buccheri, Founder, NOYS – VR MUSIC, DE

  • Verity Griffiths, Head of Sync, Cooking Vinyl, UK 

  • Camille Hackney, Head of Global Brand Partnerships, Atlantic Records / Warner Music Group, USA 

  • Siân Rogers, Producer / Music Supervisor, Siren, UK

  • Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive, Music, Electronic Arts, USA 


  • Matthias Hornschuh, Artist / Composer, H2, Deutschland 

  • Thur, 21.09.2017 / 11:15 Uhr

  • Schmidtchen (Klubhaus St. Pauli)

  • Spielbudenplatz 21-22, 20359 Hamburg

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