alyona alyona wins ANCHOR 2019

The winner of this year's ANCHOR is: alyona alyona (UA)!

The ANCHOR Jury including Tony ViscontiBob RockPeachesKate NashArnim Teutoburg-Weiß and the Australian radio presenter Zan Rowe attended the six Nominees concerts over two evenings and selected the winner from soul singer Celeste (GB), rapper alyona alyona (UA), punk-pop women's band The Hormones (CN), post punk trio DRAHLA (GB), songwriter Moyka (NO) and dream pop duo Feng Suave (NL).

And the winner is: alyona alyona! The Jury stated its decision as follows: 

Bob Rock (ANCHOR 2019 Jury member): "I got out of my chair, stood up, almost danced and took videos which I actually don't think I've ever done before. I didn't understand a word she was singing but it came out so powerful. It really blew my mind. And most importantly I would buy her record in a heartbeat."
Zan Rowe (ANCHOR 2019 Jury member): "Beyond language barriers alyona alyona's songs were stuck in my head long after I saw her perform. Incredible rhythm, hooks and an amazing presence."

The Ukrainian rapper is an absolute force of nature on stage: with crazy flow and groove she delivers raps without any bling and pomp and describes in her songs the unembellished situation of the young generation of her homeland. 

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