Albin Lee Meldau on Tour in Germany

Swedish-born singer-songwriter Albin Lee Meldau has a voice that enchants listeners, whether they’re audience members at gigs or jury members for the ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award, which Meldau won in 2016. After leaving the soul band Magnolia, Meldau went his own way, developing his sound and refining his guitar-playing. With songs like “Let Me Go” and “Lou Lou” he conquered the hearts of concertgoers at the 2016 Reeperbahn Festival. 

20.10.2018 - Munich, Milla
22.10.2018 - Cologne, Studio 672
25.10.2018 - Berlin, Maze
26.10.2018 - Hamburg, Nochtwache

Photo: Frederik Skogkvist

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