Skye Edwards


She was – and is now once again – the voice of British trip-hop group Morcheeba. Skye Edwards, born in London, is one of Britain’s most outstanding female vocalists. Lead singer of Morcheeba until 2003, Skye then turned her attention to her solo career working with music producers Daniel Lanois, Pat Leonard, Gary Clark, and Wendy Melvoin. She teamed up again with her colleagues Paul and Ross Godfrey in 2010, reviving Morcheeba while continuing to release solo records. 

Edwards has worked with David Byrne, Nouvelle Vague, Benjamin Biolay, American rapper Chali 2na and most recently Delta Blues trio, Delgres where she sings a song in Creole. She is a thrilling performer with Morcheeba and together they have toured the world and sold over 10 million copies.

Skye has written and co-produced four solo albums and for her latest release “In A Low Light”, she started at the piano. ‘I let my fingers create the melody’. Skye then wrote lyrics for the melodies and recorded and produced the songs with her husband, musician Steve Gordon, and Electronic producer and composer Robert Logan. “I felt completely free with this record,” explains the charismatic artist, “I wasn’t trying to write songs for the radio.” The result is delicate and dreamy, a perfectly paced journey for late-night listening.