Katie Melua


Originally from Kutaisi, Georgia, Katie Melua is one of Britain’s highest selling recording artists, having received over 56 platinum awards across a career that began at nineteen 2016’s ‘In Winter’ album was a significant departure for Katie, seeing her return to her native Georgia to record an album with the all-female Gori Women’s Choir. The album contains traditional folk songs, select covers, and newly written works and was the first album on which Katie took the role of lead producer. In 2020 Katie released her 8th consecutive UK Top Ten album which was produced by Leo Abrahams. This was the first of Katie’s album presenting lyrics entirely written by her, which critics noted had signalled and significant and welcomed move into a deeper and more meaningful exploration for the musical and lyrical artform. In 2022 Katie worked with the University of Oxford’s Torch department on a project conducting a songwriting workshop over a number of weeks inspired by Peter Frankopan’s book ‘The Silk Roads.’ The workshop ended with a performance by the students taking us on their journeys along The Silk Roads with the songs they created during this time. March 2023 saw Katie release her 9th studio album, again produced by Leo Abrahams, this work is a blue-sky record with Katie exploring new relationships, self-acceptance and letting go of the belief that happiness carries less weight than it’s opposite.