Frank Dellé founded his first band in 1984. He grows up with music from pop to rock to reggae in Germany and Ghana. In 1997 he founded the band "Seeed" in Berlin as one of three singers. With Seeed he released five albums.

Dellé was born in Berlin. When he was six years old, his parents move with him and his younger sister to Ghana.

As a teenager he returns to Germany. Dellé studied film sound in Potsdam Babelsberg and graduated as a film sound engineer in 2001.

After ten years with Seeed he released his first solo album "Before I Grow Old" in 2009. On this record he dedicates himself primarily to classical reggae. On his second solo album "Neo" from 2016 reggae and dancehall merge with electronic elements and modern sounds. 

The contents of his lyrics are mostly personal. For example he sings about what it's like to become a father for the first time. In the song "Light your Fire" Dellé reminds us that the common ground of our religions is love. Not violence.