Wherever they perform in Germany, concerts by BOY are almost always sold out. The girl duo of Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass stands for enchanting and catchy but always authentic pop songs and charming performances on stage. Steiner and Glass are musicians who stand with both feet firmly on the ground, so airs and graces are foreign words for them.

The two became acquainted during a pop music seminar of the Hamburg Music and Theatre Academy. So, Steiner moved from Zurich to the Elbe and together they developed their typical sound. In 2011 their debut album, “Mutual Friends”, was awarded the “Goldene Schallplatte”, followed by the release of “We Were Here” in 2015. Often songs by BOY are used on TV or in commercials. For example, their song “Little Numbers” was used by Lufthansa in one of their adverts.

Also in this year, the German “Fräulein-Wunder” goes on: During this summer, BOY will perform at a couple of festivals, among them Hurricane.