Bill Kaulitz


With his band Tokio Hotel Bill Kaulitz literally made music history. After more than 110 international awards  and more than 10 million records sold in 68 countries Tokio Hotel are still far away from reaching the end of their truly unique journey. A journey that started in the small city of Magdeburg, Germany, and quickly developed into a global phenomenon.

But the outstanding success never was a reason for Tokio Hotel to rest on their laurels: Quite the opposite - song after song, album after album, show after show Tokio Hotel have always kept extending the Tokio Hotel universe. Now, five years after the release of their last album „Dream Machine“ the wait is finally over: The brand new album „2001“ will be released in November 2022 including their triple gold awarded smash "White Lies" and many more.

Beyond his musical career Bill has evolved his talent into his own fashion brand „MDLA“, had a Bestseller book release („Career Suicide“) and is a successful TV judge, entertainer & model. With their Number 1 German podcast „Kaulitz Hills - Senf aus Hollywood“ Bill and his twin brother Tom are broadcasting every week from their recording studio in Los Angeles and quickly turned it to one of the most successful podcasts in their home country.