Jade Bird wins ANCHOR 2017

Jade Bird wins ANCHOR 2017

The decision was far from easy and the result of a heated discussion, and eventually Jade Bird took home the ANCHOR 2017.

The Jury praised the "impressively broad range displaying strong songwriting and musicianship, bringing something fresh and unconventional to her genre".

Stephan Wallocha_Hadnet Tesfai-Jury-Jade Bird-Alexander Schulz_St Pauli Theater_A17Q2012.JPG
Stephan Wallocha_Hadnet Tesfai_Jade Bird_Jury_St Pauli Theater_A17Q2022.JPGStephan Wallocha_Jade Bird Tony Visconti_St Pauli Theater_A17Q1985.JPGStephan Wallocha_Jade Bird_St Pauli Theater_A17Q1906.JPG
Stephan Wallocha_Jade Bird_St Pauli Theater_A17Q1943.JPG
Stephan Wallocha_Jade Bird_St Pauli Theater_A17Q2036.JPG
Stephan Wallocha_Jade Bird_St Pauli Theater_A17Q2118.JPG



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