ANCHOR 2017 Preview

ANCHOR 2017 Preview

The countdown has started! Just a few more days until Tony Visconti will reveal his fellow jury members for the ANCHOR 2017 at the official ANCHOR press conference on June 7 at the A2IM Indie Week. 

Watch our trailer and let our ANCHOR 2016 jury explain to you, what the ANCHOR is all about.

Credits: Nina Glauche

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ANCHOR 2018 findet im Rahmen des Reeperbahn Festivals vom 19 - 22 September 2018 statt!


Part of Reeperbahn Festival 19 - 22 September 2018
ANCHOR wishes you a happy new year!

ANCHOR wishes you a happy new year!

Reeperbahn Festival's Award for the best emerging talent says "thank you" for a phenomenal second year.

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