ANCHOR 2017 Preview

ANCHOR 2017 Preview

The countdown has started! Just a few more days until Tony Visconti will reveal his fellow jury members for the ANCHOR 2017 at the official ANCHOR press conference on June 7 at the A2IM Indie Week. 

Watch our trailer and let our ANCHOR 2016 jury explain to you, what the ANCHOR is all about.

Credits: Nina Glauche

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Reeperbahn Festival

ANCHOR 2017 part of Reeperbahn Festival 20 - 23 September

Europe's biggest club festival and digital industry meeting point
ANCHOR 2017 Jury veröffentlicht!

ANCHOR 2017 jury revealed!

Tony Visconti, Emily Haines, Shirley Manson, Huw Stephens and BOY are the judges of the 2017 ANCHOR edition.

Conner Youngblood | ANCHOR 2016