Albin Lee Meldau I Portrait

Albin Lee Meldau I Portrait

In September 2016, Swedish newcomer Albin Lee Meldau won the first ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award.

A few months after the award ceremony, we visited the ANCHOR 2016 winner in his home city of Gothenburg:

A lot has changed for the singer since last September. He has been signed by a major label and the demand for live shows has grown steadily – Albin is playing top festivals, including Eurosonic in the Netherlands and, this March, SXSW in Texas, while still managing to work on a new album. In his home country of Sweden, he was nominated for a Swedish Grammis award in the “Newcomer of the Year” category.

With all this activity, Albin is glad when he finds the time to spend a couple of days at home visiting friends and family. And this is where the roots of his musicality can be found – a musicality that has guided him from a very early age. Albin’s mother, Annika Irene Blennerhed, is herself a composer and singer, and she knows how tough it is to make one’s way as a musician. Receiving the ANCHOR 2016, a clear public acknowledgement of Albin’s musical achievement, is certainly an excellent start.

Get a glimpse into the everyday life and inner world of musician Albin Lee Meldau on our ANCHOR 2016 Winner Portrait!